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7Hills Computers knows the art and science of LinkedIn advertising.
We streamline your advertising spend and improve conversions until your LinkedIn marketing machine hums

LinkedIn Marketing Services

Most companies have realized that, when done right, social media can be a powerful tool for driving sales. The problem is that oftentimes companies don’t have a real idea of how to leverage paid social media campaigns in a way that gets results. With our LinkedIn marketing services, we can integrate social media with the rest of your B2B advertising efforts to help you drive sales and generate highly targeted leads.

LinkedIn excels as a B2B networking tool, creating awareness for high-quality prospects who are most likely to become customers. With our help, you can harness LinkedIn’s full potential by targeting decision-makers based on their specific industries, the size of their company, or their interest in specialized topics. We develop strategies that allow you to find and connect with these prospects in a more natural way.


At 7Hills Computers we start with the end result you want and then build a path to get there. This is a digital marketing agency with combined expertise dating back to the days way before LinkedIn even became a marketing channel. We know how to optimize based on the most recent changes to LinkedIn’s marketing algorithms so that you always stay on top.

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Sunni Yun

The gentleman who works here is very polite, professional and friendly. He gave great customer service and good quality repair. He was able to complete my Lenovo laptop’s screen replacement within an hour of dropping it off, not mention this was a Saturday too, and offered a very reasonable price compared to other places. Thank you very much!

Kyle Face

Came in 2 days with 2 different problems and both times they were fixed on the same day as i came in, great staff!

Trudy Igboekweze

Friendly, professional service. My pc crashed, they saved the files, and me. Highly recommend these guys.

Graham Blixt

I arrived from Victoria without my laptop charger, I spotted 7Hills Computers not far from where I was staying. The young man in the store on Saturday morning (Syed) was most helpful, he checked my Dell computer to ensure that he could provide the correct power supply, he tested the charger and ensured that it was charging correctly before I left the store. I drove away well satisfied with the service and the product.

Ron Harrington

I gave my computer for repair and got it back like a brand new laptop there was great customer service

Chris Oliva

Lost all my data on a important personal document...so rushed around the corner to this local service....the guy had recovered my data within 15 mins of me arriving. He said because it was such a minor job, there would not be any charge....thank you 7Hills computers! Will probably use this service again when required in future as the prices do seem reasonable...


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