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With 60% of its user base logging in every day, it’s only just falling short of Facebook on being the most engaged social media platform to date. As a top Instagram Advertising Agency, 7Hills Computers can help you take advantage of the 31% of shoppers who use Instagram to browse for their next purchase.


Only a few of the many benefits of advertising on Instagram include driving awareness, increasing customers and the ability to share your story amongst a highly engaged audience.

With the same targeting abilities as Facebook, Instagram has infinite potential to grow your business. Stats have proven 60% of people learn about a product or service on Instagram and 75% take action after being inspired by a post/advert.. As well as this, the engagement on Instagram is record breaking, with billions of stories watched and posts liked every day, yours could be next. Did you know, one third of the most viewed stories on Instagram come from businesses?

Instagram’s ability to target in such detail and engage such volume is a true benefit to any small business and with Instagram’s 2019 ad revenue predicted to be over $10 billion, right now is the perfect time to take advantage of this platform for your Small Business!


Here at 7Hills Computers, we take the time to understand your business’ aims & objectives, define your target audience, and research what your competitors are doing. This allows us to put together a detailed Instagram Advertising strategy which is designed to take your customers on a conversion focused journey.

Our specialist team have proven past success and experience which has meant our clients see massive increases in their overall sales whilst significantly reducing their client acquisition costs.

However, it just doesn’t stop there! We have also helped clients develop other areas of their advertising which work alongside Instagram Advertising. These options include Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, and Content Marketing. Each of these platforms has its place within your Small Business and if used correctly, they can ensure you become a market leader in your respective industry.


From carousel adverts to audience profiles, 7Hills Computers has you covered. Throughout the optimization process, we ensure that your campaigns are well structured, are delivering the results you expect and are optimized to continuously improve.

As a top Instagram Advertising Agency, we understand the value of the platform and the results it can bring especially, for e-commerce based businesses allowing you to connect potential customers with the right products, at the right time. However, unlike other advertising agencies, we are very much involved with the businesses we work with. We proud ourselves on acting like an in-house marketing team but without the expense.

Read what our clients are saying


Sunni Yun

The gentleman who works here is very polite, professional and friendly. He gave great customer service and good quality repair. He was able to complete my Lenovo laptop’s screen replacement within an hour of dropping it off, not mention this was a Saturday too, and offered a very reasonable price compared to other places. Thank you very much!

Kyle Face

Came in 2 days with 2 different problems and both times they were fixed on the same day as i came in, great staff!

Trudy Igboekweze

Friendly, professional service. My pc crashed, they saved the files, and me. Highly recommend these guys.

Graham Blixt

I arrived from Victoria without my laptop charger, I spotted 7Hills Computers not far from where I was staying. The young man in the store on Saturday morning (Syed) was most helpful, he checked my Dell computer to ensure that he could provide the correct power supply, he tested the charger and ensured that it was charging correctly before I left the store. I drove away well satisfied with the service and the product.

Ron Harrington

I gave my computer for repair and got it back like a brand new laptop there was great customer service

Chris Oliva

Lost all my data on a important personal document...so rushed around the corner to this local service....the guy had recovered my data within 15 mins of me arriving. He said because it was such a minor job, there would not be any charge....thank you 7Hills computers! Will probably use this service again when required in future as the prices do seem reasonable...


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